Repairs and Polishing

At Nolan & Hilsers Jewellers, we cherish your Jewellery and Watches. We  provide a full service of repair, remodelling and servicing of Jewellery and Watches.We have two highly experienced Goldsmiths instore.  Why not bring your item in store today and we will assess what can be done to bring your adored items back to life.

We strive to provide the very best in after-sales service. 
We believe this is an important part of our business and have invested heavily in the necessary training, personnel and equipment to meet the very highest standards.

Our after-sales service:
Everyday wear and tear can affect your jewellery and watches. We understand this, and want your precious items to look as beautiful as the day you bought them. 
Regular servicing and cleaning ensures the longevity of your most cherished items.
We are also happy to offer advice on care, cleaning and maintenance of your most treasured possessions.

We offer extensive repairs such as:

  • Re-threading of pearls and beaded necklaces
  • Diamond ring cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating.
  • Replacement and repairs to watch straps, batteries, jewellery clasps and stone settings.

*Price and time frame are confirmed once our repairs team assess your item.